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Areas of law

Make use of our
legal and social expertise

In addition to general civil law, we possess skills in a number of different legal fields in which we have been particularly intensively engaged in recent years.
Our areas of law include:

  • Employment law, healthcare and malpractice law
  • Banking law, construction law
  • Design law
  • Inheritance law
  • Family law, franchise law
  • Land and property law
  • Liability and tort law, trade and commercial agency law
  • Internet law
  • Motor vehicle law
  • Leasing and licensing law
  • Trademark law, brokerage law, media law, medical law, landlord and tenant law
  • Regulatory offences
  • Press law, personal rights (including rights regarding one's own image)
  • Divorce law, child custody and visitation rights
  • Law regarding fiscal offences, criminal law
  • Maintenance law, copyright law
  • Criminal traffic law, traffic accident law, insurance law, contract law
  • Service contract law, competition law, commercial criminal law
  • Public law
  • Administrative law

If your legal concerns are covered by another area of law, please talk to us — we can recommend experienced and specialised partner lawyers.
In addition to our specialist legal knowledge, we place great emphasis on our social skills which enable us to approach our clients' problems in a personal and solution-oriented manner.