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Happy apart

On the way to a new life phase

The decision to separate from a partner represents a step into a whole new phase of life. Several lives have to be completely reorganised. How should custody be agreed? What is best for the children? What rights exist with respect to the flat, the house, the lease? How should the household and finances be divided?

Solving these problems can quickly become confusing — I will guide you through them and provide advice on legal issues and strategic considerations. In searching for the best solution for your personal circumstances, you can draw on my extensive experience and specific theoretical and practical expertise as a specialist solicitor in the field of family law.
Why come to me?

Confidence in your lawyer is a particularly high priority, especially in family law. After all, you're placing a piece of your future in his or her hands. Beyond the legal situation, when reorganising your family you are entitled to expect a certain amount of empathy and understanding of the respective parties' life circumstances.

Based on my many years of practice, I can understand your situation very well and help you with all my acquired experience to create a tailor-made legal basis for your future, and to clarify your uncertainties and answer important questions.

Due to my specialisation in family law, I am fully committed to pursuing your legal rights, showing you the available options and helping you to establish a sound basis for your future.

As you move towards a happy "after" life, you should finally be able to say:
Apart and happy!